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Conceal And Carry Play Information

Conceal and Carry Play Information

The Tucson Arizona Labyrinth Theatre Project

In Collaboration with the UA Human Rights Practice Program & SplitSeed Productions presents

Conceal and Carry

Conceal and Carry, a one-actor show by Sean Christopher Lewis, explores one liberal man’s journey to address his own and America’s complicated relationship to guns. Ride along in an all-night drive towards revenge with this gun owner (a new father) along with another father who has just lost a son in a school shooting.

Play & Panel:  A Conversation with the Playwright and Artistic Team  – Tuesday, October 27,  2020 – 4:30 pm Arizona Time
Following the play, via SplitSeed Production Facebook page, there will be a live panel discussion with playwright Sean Christopher Lewis, director Barclay Goldsmith, actor Chris Koval, and associate director Eva Tessler, the panel will be facilitated by Trayce Peterson.  Available on the SplitSeed Productions Facebook page

Panel Discussion: Borderlands Theater –  White Male Entitlement – November 2nd, 6:00 p.m. Arizona Time

Dr. Michelle Tellez will moderate a discussion between Dr. Nolan Cabrera and Dr. Jennifer Carlson on the phenomenon of white male shooters and the more general topic of white male entitlement in the context of Conceal and Carry.  Available at:

Information & Resources for Specific Audiences:

  1. High school students including information on suicide prevention/suicide hotline
  2. Gun Owners
  3. Political Groups
  4. People of Color
  5. Survivors
  6. Domestic Violence Providers (Forthcoming)

Conceal and Carry Review

Please click on this link for more information on Gun Violence, Gun Laws, Resources, and ways to Take Action

William Paul Simmons

Professor, Gender and Women's Studies; Director, Human Rights Practice Program (University of Arizona)

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