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Virtual Speakers for Video Conferences

With our virtual speakers bureau you can connect with human rights experts who are willing to join your class, meeting, or conference.  Search the speaker database for folks with expertise on a given human rights issue.  Decide on a speaker and email them.  Their profile will tell you their areas of expertise, their fees (or suggested donations to NGOs), their biography, publications, and more.  Once you have successfully held a video conference, let us know so that we can keep track of the use of this feature.

Any Registered Member of GHRD can sign up to be a virtual speaker by clicking here.

If you haven’t registered for the site, click here.


  1. A high school teacher introducing the Rwandan genocide choosing between 25 witnesses of the genocide to appear in her class via videoconference.
  2. An NGO holding a workshop on women’s rights in West Africa choosing among 100 women’s rights experts to join via videoconference.
  3. A church group raising funds for a school in Nepal having Nepalese experts speaking with the congregation via videoconference.
  4. Organizers of a community event on Middle East peace choosing among 100 Palestinians and 100 Israelis willing to join via videoconference.
  5. Hybrid academic conferences consisting of videoconferences and in-person presentations.
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