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Conceal and Carry for People of Color

Possible Discussion Questions for People of Color:

  • Did you grow up with guns in your household? How do you think that shaped your outlook on them now? 
  • Do you own any guns now? If so, why did you decide to purchase one?
  • How does owning a gun make you feel?
  • What is preventing you from owning a gun?
  • How does white privilege impact your ability to feel safe and comfortable owning a gun?
  • Take a moment to read this piece by Justin McFarlin, a Black army combat veteran. To what extent does race impact someone’s ability to openly carry a gun safely? What could be done to change it? 
  • How has gun violence impacted your life?


Domestic Violence:

Legal Resources: 

Coping after a Shooting: 

Suicide Prevention: 

Ideas for Helping out with the Issue: 

1. Find a local organization in your community, and get involved. 

2. Take Action! Everytown Actions

3. Learn about gun statistics in your state.

4. Learn about gun laws in your state.

Potential Speakers:

Related GHRD Groups:

Please click on this link for more information on Gun Violence, Gun Laws, Resources, and ways to Take Action

Conceal And Carry For People Of Color
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