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Conceal and Carry for Survivors

Possible Discussion Questions for Survivors:

  • If you feel comfortable, would you like to share a bit of your story? 
  • Oftentimes focus tends to lie on the lives lost to gun violence, and less on those with injuries or trauma. How do you think our society treats survivors of gun violence, and what more do you think we could be doing?
  • Are there sufficient resources in our community to address some of the underlying causes of gun violence? What could that look like?
  • Are there any leaders in our community or in the country who you look up to as advocates for the views that you hold on gun violence?
  • How have your views on guns evolved over time? Do you, or would you own one now?
  • Data and statistics are frequently used in conversations around gun violence. Does your experience feel represented in those conversations? 
  • How can our society be better caring for you in the long-run?


Suicide Prevention: 

Potential Speakers:

Please click on this link for more information on Gun Violence, Gun Laws, Resources, and ways to Take Action

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