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Human Rights Without Frontiers

Human Rights Without Frontiers International (HRWF Int’l) is a non-profit association that seeks to shape European and international policy in ways that strengthen democracy, uphold the rule of law and protect human rights globally. The organisation works with associated member organisations in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Denmark, France, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, South Korea, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the US.

Since its inception, the executive director has been Willy Fautré, a long-standing human rights activist.

HRWF Int’l conducts research, field missions, analysis and monitoring of a wide range of human rights concerns in many countries around the world. An international network of correspondents provides the NGO with first-hand information.

HRWF Int’l works to strengthen the culture of human rights by sharing information, publishing reports and organising seminars and events that educate policy makers and inform the general public. HRWF Int’l focuses particular attention on freedom of religion or belief, women’s rights and gender equality, LGBTQI people and human rights, and human rights violations in China, North Korea, Ukraine, Russia and Iran.

The foundation for HRWF Int’l advocacy is the body of international covenants and treaties that bind its parties to the respect of fundamental rights and freedoms. These instruments include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and legal precedents set by decisions of the European Court of Human Rights.


Avenue d’Auderghem 61, Box 16
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32-2-3456145


How can I contribute to the mission of this organization?

To contribute Human Rights Watch Foundation one can take action by educating yourself on the various topics that HRWF has investigated and stayed up to date on. To subscribe to their newsletter, click here.

Human Rights Without Frontiers
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