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Father Damien . . . “A Bit of Taro, A Piece of Fish, and A Glass of Water”

“The story of Father Damien has been told and retold hundreds of times in books and articles. However, these accounts have generally not included the voices and insights of the people who were most affected by Father Damien’s presence, the people who lived and worked alongside him at Kalaupapa.  Nor have previous accounts included the words and feelings of his parishioners on the Big Island and in other parts of the island of Molokai. By looking at the 16 years of his life spent at Kalaupapa through the eyes of those who knew him best, this book focuses on Father Damien’s relationship with the people of Kalaupapa and also discusses his legacy in the context of current discussions related to leprosy and human rights.”

Father Damien . . . “A Bit Of Taro, A Piece Of Fish, And A Glass Of Water”
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