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Acting from the Heart: Australian Advocates for Asylum Seekers Tell Their Stories

“In recent years, thousands of Australians have been moved to act in support of asylum seekers and refugees and against the Australian government’s immigration policy and practice. In Acting from the Heart, over 50 people who reflect the diversity of this movement describe how and why they became involved. The contributors shared a sense of disbelief and outrage that ‘Australian values’ suddenly appeared to include callous self-interest and a disregard for human suffering. The detention of over 4000 children could not easily be seen as necessary or a ‘fair go’. The refugee question has become a moral debate and, for some, a way of reasserting our essential human values. This powerful and important book illustrates the commitment behind this extensive grassroots political movement, and includes stories, poems, and political cartoons by Australia’s foremost, award-winning cartoonists. Acting from the Heart represents a powerful contribution to the ongoing debate about the ethics of our nation and the politics of institutionalised inhumanity worldwide.”

Acting From The Heart: Australian Advocates For Asylum Seekers Tell Their Stories
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