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Special Issue: Human Rights and Oral History: Stories of Survival, Healing, Redemption, and Accountability

The Oral History Forum d’histoire orale is proud to announce the launch of its new special issue, “Human Rights and Oral History: Stories of survival, healing, redemption, and accountability,” guest edited by Michael Kilburn. The following articles and reviews are online:
Marica Šapro-Ficović: “Libraries Under Siege in Croatia 1991-1995”
Musiwaro Ndakaripa: “Ethnicity, narrative, and the 1980s violence in the Matabeleland and Midlands provinces of Zimbabwe”
Joannie Jean: “Représentations de soi et positionnement social chez les membres de l’association familles de détenus-disparus à Santiago”
Joseph Ben Kaifala, JD: “Transitional Justice in Sierra Leone: Oral History, Human Rights, and Post-Conflict Reconciliation”
Sally Carlton: “Rebuilding lives: Interviewing refugee background people in Christchurch three years after the earthquakes”
Katherine Fobear: “Telling Our Truths: Oral History, Social Justice, and Queer Refugees”
Hannah Loney: “‘This is Me’: Exploring Narrative and Trauma within Women’s Memories of the Indonesian Occupation of Timor-Leste (1975-1999)”
Susan M. Glisson: “‘Everything Old is New Again: Storytelling and Dialogue as Tools for Community Change in Mississippi”
Special Issue: Human Rights And Oral History: Stories Of Survival, Healing, Redemption, And Accountability
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