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Reframing Justice: What No One Wants To Hear

This document shows the progression of a former inmate (Michele) as she recovered from her addiction and time in jail. Through explaining her time in jail, she touched upon the fact that her biggest aid, especially after the death of her mother, was counseling and programs that she found after prison (Women in Recovery program I attended at Southern Arizona Correctional Release Center). This “editorial” essentially is her cathartic way of explaining her time after jail, in which that was what really cemented the change in her life. This falls into the idea that prison was more of a punishment for her actions that placed a “number” on her was only a punishment. Her salvation and growth came from actual treatment that was created to help her. Michele also touched upon the idea that she is seen as a number instead of an individual, and this also falls into the entrenched ideas that prison removes humanity from individuals and is more focussed on punishment rather than growth.

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