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The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (Equipo Argentino De Antropologia Forense, EAAF)

The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (Equipo Argentino de Antropología Forense, EAAF) is a non-governmental, non-profit, scientific organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that applies forensic sciences – mainly forensic anthropology and archaeology- to the investigation of human rights violations worldwide.

The team also has a small Brooklyn-based office, where there are occasionally US-based volunteer opportunities.


  • Address: 578A Halsey Street, Floor 1
  • Postcode: 11233
  • City: Brooklyn,
  • State: NY
  • Country: Argentina


How can you contribute to the mission of this organization?

EAAF hosts numerous unpaid interns and volunteers in our offices throughout the year in Buenos Aires and New York.

Interns contribute an enormous amount to advancing activities and objectives of the organisation. Thus, the EAAF staff invests significant time and resources to explaining and accompanying the tasks and projects assigned to interns. EAAF considers hosting interns from other countries and institutions on a case-to-case basis.

Unfortunately, we are not able to take volunteers on field missions.

Volunteers assist with the following important aspects of our work:

  • administrative work
  • web design and posting (knowledge of Adobe/PDF, Typepad, and other software especially needed)
  • database
  • archival work (photo and video)
  • research
  • text editing
  • IT systems (can be just a few hours per month as needed)
  • video editing and transcribing
  • translations (primarily Spanish, French, and English)

Undergraduate and graduate students and professionals are welcome. Fluency in both Spanish and English strongly preferred.

To contact a member of the team about becoming a volunteer, please send your resume, a cover letter describing the type of work you are interested in helping with, the length of commitment and days per week/number of hours you are available to: in Buenos Aires or in New York.

The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team (Equipo Argentino De Antropologia Forense, EAAF)
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