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Partner’s Relief and Development

Since 2012, Partners has been providing emergency relief to those in camps in Rakhine State as well as those fleeing violence to Bangladesh, including rice distribution, basic medical support, tarps for shelter as well as animals, seeds and fertilizer to help establish more sustainable food supply. PLEASE HELP provide life-saving relief to these vulnerable children and families and advocate for their freedom.


  • Address: PO Box 912418
  • Postcode: 80291-2418
  • City: Denver
  • State: CO
  • Country: United States


How can you contribute to the mission of this organization?

1 MAKE A DONATION Your support enables relief to get to camps where hundreds of thousands of displaced Rohingya are trying to survive. Provide a tarp for $25 to give shelter to a family who have no home. A gift of $50 will provide medicine to treat 10 people who are sick or injured. Go even further and deliver food packs to feed 5 families for a month for $125. 2 START A CAMPAIGN You can help advocate for the Rohingya by starting a fundraiser to provide life-saving care to these vulnerable children and families. Starting your own online campaign not only helps raise much needed support, but it also introduces your friends and family to a people group that we know you care about. 3 SHARE THEIR STORY Please help us share what is happening to the Rohingya with the world. We’ve setup a simple tweet and Facebook post you can use below, or you can make your own. Remember to use #Rohingya to join your voice to the chorus of people demanding an end to these human rights violations.

Partner’s Relief And Development
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