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Anti-Slavery International

Our vision is freedom from slavery for everyone, everywhere, always.

We are small and powerful changemakers delivering freedom now and ensuring it for the future. We free children and adults from slavery, we equip them to claim their rights and we change systems to end slavery now and for tomorrow.

Thomas Clarkson (1760-1846) was a man who stood up for what he believed in. He refused to stand by and watch people treated as no more than collateral to be traded and abused. His fury at the injustice and cruelty of the slave trade drove him to become one of the founding fathers of the abolitionist movement. He would also become one of the founding fathers of Anti-Slavery International.

Today, at over 180 years old, we are the oldest human rights organisation in the world. We have had a clear and unerring focus since the very beginning – do everything we can to bring an end to slavery in all its forms, everywhere it occurs.

While the tricks and methods used to enslave people have evolved over that time, the crime at its heart remains the same: destroying and exploiting the lives, hopes and dreams of ordinary people in the pursuit of profit or power.

Today, we are working to deliver freedom from slavery for everyone, everywhere, always.

We work to make ending slavery everyone’s concern. We are an ally to survivors and people at risk of slavery. Together, we challenge and change law, policy and practice so everyone, everywhere can be free from slavery.

To have the biggest impact we can, we work in partnership with our supporters, governments, businesses, like-minded organisations and global movements to bring about long-term, sustainable change.

Working together, untangling person after person from slavery and dismantling the systems that enable exploitation, we can deliver true freedom to people across the globe.


Supporter Enquiries:

How can I contribute to the mission of this organization?

To contribute to Anti-Slavery International please visit this link where one can choose from distinct ways of getting involved like donating, campaigning, subscribing for updates, or joining their movement.


Anti-Slavery International
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