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Transgender Rights

Gender discrimination, particularly that of transgender men and women, has been an issue in our society for decades, but gender discrimination in our prison system is something that is often overlooked. Transgender men and women often face entering prisons of the opposite gender than they identify with in addition to being stripped of their rights to such things as hormone treatment they’ve been receiving for years or the care products of their identified gender. Furthermore, they often face solitary confinement for their own safety as they are harassed and/or violently attacked by fellow inmates.

NGOs working on the issue

  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA) Pakistan
  • Solidarity Foundation

Links to additional relevant NGOs

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“ went inside and was not told that I couldn’t take my pictures with make-up on, they only said that anyone with a tank top on had to go back and change into a t-shirt. So I took the pictures and was so relieved that they provided me with the same dignity that is afforded to male prisoners… for once, and then I went back to my cell. Two days later, someone came and shook my cell down looking only for make-up. He found my stash and wrote me a ticket. When it came time to receive the photos, they said that I couldn’t have mine because “male inmates are not permitted to wear or possess cosmetics.” WFT?!? I am not a male, I am a transgender female. So now I am being criminalized for my gender identity…” Monica Jones discussing her case and discrimination against transgender people

Transgender Rights
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