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The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a widely discussed topic in America and around the world. Can we justifiably kill a killer? Is there a humane way to end someone’s life? The public appears to mostly think that no, you can’t. There are a number of crimes that will lead to an inmate being sentenced to death. What does it take to get yourself killed? Do other countries kill for different reasons?

NGOs working on the issue

  • Death Penalty Information Center

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Death Penalty Information Center,

This website takes you to a major NGO talking about the death penalty. The website holds all kinds of information that talks about past and present inmated facing the death penalty. There is a section that allows the user to see statistics state-by-state. This is a reall good resource to find unbiased information about the death penalty.


“Death Row Stories.” CNN. season 1, CNN U.S. Edition.

I was really excited when I found this because it follows an entire sereies CNN did about people on dath row. It takes a look into their cases and their appeals. What’s good about this source is that there are a lot of episodes, so there’s a lot of case-specific information. It’s avialable through their website, YouTube, and Netflix.


Goodwyn, Wade. “Botched Lethal Injection Executions Reignite Death Penalty Debate.” npr, 6 Jan. 2015.

NPR follows the story of a reporter who was witnessing his 5th execution in Arizona. This was also the first execution carried out since a famous botched execution in Oklahoma 2014. He retells the story of what happened in a chilling way. It’s disturbing to think that this happened to someone, but it’s relevant to the lethal injection debate.


Sanburn, Josh. “Oklahoma to Execute First Inmate since Botched Lethal Injection.”, 16 Jan. 2015.

This source mentions one of the first, more popular botch injections that happened in Oklahoma in 2014. The execution took 51 minutes to carry out. It tells the story of a the man who suffered due to improper technique during his execution.


Espinoza, Rosa. “Crimes and Their Punishments from Around the World.”, Accessed 02 April 2017

This source many different crimes that can result in capitol punishment from many different countries around the globe. The lists include crimes such as rape, murder, theft, etc. and what one will be charged with in each country which primarily includes the United States, China, and Mexico.


Bichara, Alexandra. “Death Penalties Around the World.”, 31 January 2017, Accessed 02 April 2017

This article talks about the methods of killing that countries still use. Many countries such as Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and many other Asian countries use unusual methods of killing a person such as firing squads, beheading, hanging, etc.


Death Penalty Information Center. “The Death Penalty: An Alternative Perspective.”, Accessed 02 April 2017

Receiving numbers of killings a country has performed each year results in a list that tells the world who may be more strict when it comes to crime. Although this may not be true for all countries, we see the large amount of killings in China each year and we see the US being much lower even though we think we perform a lot of these killings. The death penalty varies a lot by country and many countries kill much much more than the United States according to the data in the article.

The Death Penalty
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