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Syrian Refugee Crisis

NGOs working on the issue

  • Amnesty International
  • Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa

Links to additional relevant NGOs

Ideas for helping out with the issue

  1. Trauma is something that can burrow into someone’s mind indefinitely. It continue to instill emotional distress, discomfort, and fear into the host. But trauma can be used like a tool. In the case of Jany Deng and countless others, their trauma has been u
  2. Students are able to engage in the refugee crisis or any other controversy pertaining to human rights in a number of different ways. One way that this can be tackled is by having students write a report on a certain topic that pertains to human rights. An
  3. Having people discuss their stories and experiences on whatever controversial topic we have is very tough for anyone to talk about. Many times these people face issues of PTSD or loss of a loved one because of how traumatic the issues have been. The best
  4. Ethical issues must be dealt with an even unbiased hand. Confidentiality and anonymity must be offered, but there must be identification and proof of experience to those given the status. Whether this is sent through the site moderator or through a third
  5. There is no control over the information transferred between the persons talking through the site. If a person desiring anonymity gives personal or identifiable information to another through the site, the information cannot be tracked and his anonymity c


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Syrian Refugee Crisis
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